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How are you different from other scheduling platforms?

We offer the ability for your clients to book and pay for an unlimited number of 1:1 appointments as well as group sessions, classes, and events with you. We also allow them to be schedule time with you via your Facebook business page, or as a chat on your website.

The Sparkle Assistant can answer FAQs from your clients or upsell your products/services during the booking process to help you increase your revenues. We do MORE than just scheduling. You can share all of your links, content, lead magnets, freebies, downloadables, products, or services on your Sparkle Site. People even use the virtual tip jar to collect donations or sell gift cards.

In general, our customers consistently tell us that they chose We Sparkle because of its all-in-one nature, ease of use, and the messaging capabilities. Our subscribers report saving 1-5 hours/week in time. Plus, we are a responsive team ready to listen to your feedback and integrate improvements to make our tools more useful for you.

What are your prices?

Our pricing & platform solutions can be found here.

Is We Sparkle a nonprofit organization?

While we are not a nonprofit, we are a social enterprise with a mission to build a stronger + more inclusive economy by equipping underestimated entrepreneurs with the AI-powered tools they need to succeed.

We are a woman and BIPOC owned public benefit corporation, and we give back to people and planet through our community scholarships and Rate to Donate program.

How can I get help with my We Sparkle account?

Our team is here to help! Contact us at support@wesparkle.ai.

What happens if the Assistant can't answer a question?

The Sparkle AI Assistant asks customers for their email at the beginning of the conversation. If someone asks a question it can't answer, it will respond with "I'm sorry I am not able to find an answer."

Customers can customize this message in their We Sparkle Account Settings.

You can choose to receive immediate email notifications in this occurs, and respond accordingly via email. Or, you can review the conversations that your Assistant had once a day if you sign up for the Daily Summary emails sent out each day. If you notice that a question has not been answered by the Assistant, you can follow up with that contact via email.

What payment platforms do you integrate with?

At this time, we integrate with Stripe. We may offer additional platforms in the future. Please email community@wesparkle.co if you would like to nominate a payment platform for us to add!

Do you offer product fulfillment?

We do not. If a customer purchases an item from your shop, you will receive an email with the order information and can send the purchased item.

Can I sync my Sparkle Scheduler with my existing calendar?

You can sync your Sparkle calendar with your Google, Outlook or iCloud calendars. You can also integrate your Zoom account so that meeting links are automatically generated and included in the booking confirmations and reminders.

Do I need a website if I have a Sparkle Site?

Many of our customers use their Sparkle Site, in lieu of a website. It’s easy to update and simple to set up.

Even when our Sparklers have a website, many of them use their Sparkle Site as the link in their bio on Instagram or other social media because it’s easier to share multiple links and change up the content.

Schedule a time with our team to discuss further!

Can I embed my Sparkle Site on my existing website?

Yes! More details on how to do this can be found here.

Do you offer any discounts?

Follow us on social at @wesparkleco to stay updated on deals and promos. We also offer community scholarships and work with groups that work with small business owners like economic development organizations, coworking communities, incubators and nonprofits.

Reach out to community@wesparkle.co to talk more.

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